Deaf got talent! Help these incredible young people raise money for causes of their choice in this competitive challenge! The Ohio School for the Deaf

The Ohio School for the Deaf

The Ohio School for the Deaf "has its students backs" in a fundraising competition and asks you to support these talented kids!

You can play a part in helping the Ohio School for the Deaf win this fundraising competition and showcase its talented students! A portion of our proceeds will go to World Wildlife Foundation assisting the wildlife victims of Australian fires AND to the Red Cross's ongoing efforts to the Red Cross to rebuild after devastating hurricane and earthquake damage. Donate on as many videos of our students in the challenge section and watch us win! Also, grab your smartphone and upload your child's talent(s) and join the fun!
A little information about us:

Our History
The Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD) was established in 1829, making it the fifth oldest residential school in the country. Throughout our 185 year history, student achievement has been tied to access to American Sign Language. The Ohio School for the Deaf Alumni Association is responsible for the nation's only elderly care facility designed for and operated by Deaf persons.
Our Program
OSD operates under the auspices and in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education. A comprehensive kindergarten through grade 12 educational program provides a sequential curriculum for achievement in academic and career development areas, which is comparable to Ohio's public schools. Support services include speech therapy, psychological testing, counseling, technology instruction, library/media services, and transition to adult life. The residential program provides a wide variety of student

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We are calling all supporters of the Ohio School for the deaf to "like" our students talent videos by donating to and benefitting World Wildlife Foundation for Australia's loss of wildlife and to Red Cross in assisting in the rebuilding Puerto Rico!

The Ohio School for the Deaf is competing against several other schools in a talent contest and to show everyone we can raise the most money!  Portions of the proceeds raised will go to World Wildlife Foundation in Australia and to Red Cross's rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico . Here is how you can help!

  • Grab a smartphone and shoot a brief video (45-60 seconds) of your child's talent. You can make as many videos as you like (music, sports, math genius, artist, you name it!) and then...
  • upload your video(s) here in the blue "join the challenge" button
  • Choose as many videos below as you want and"like" them by donating!
  • Donate what you can afford to any video
  • share this campaign link with your friends, office colleagues, bowling team, congregants, family!

Proceeds go to the school and raises awareness of how special these students are in addition to supporting World Wildlife Foundation and ongoing rebuilding of Puerto Rico!

Recent Donations for the The Ohio School for the Deaf team

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  • Laura A. Smith donated $15.00.
  • Erin Biehl donated $25.00.
  • Anthony Coy-Gonzalez donated $10.00.

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    Donate and you may win the first!