Deaf got talent! Help these incredible young people raise money for causes of their choice in this competitive challenge! Delaware School for the Deaf

Delaware School for the Deaf

Students at The Delaware School for the Deaf "brings it" in a competitive fundraising challenge to assist World Wildlife Foundation!!

You can play a part in helping the American School for the Deaf win this fundraising competition and showcase its talented students! A portion of our proceeds will go to World Wildlife Foundation. Donate on as many videos of our students in the challenge section and watch us win! Also, grab your smartphone and upload your child's talent(s) and join the fun!

A little information about us:
The mission of the Delaware School for the Deaf, a program serving Deaf and hard of hearing students K -21 years of age, is to educate students with rigorous achievement standards, to develop their linguistic competence in both ASL and English, and to prepare them to be contributing citizens, by providing access to language and information in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Our history:   
Delaware School for the Deaf began serving students in 1929 in Wilmington, Delaware. The founder, Margaret S. Sterck, decided to become a teacher for deaf children in her own home on Van Buren Street. Sterck taught there until 1945, when state regulations forced all deaf children to be taught in schools. Some were transferred to specialized deaf programs in schools across Delaware while others went to Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) in Philadelphia.

In 1960, space restrictions forced PSD to bar additional deaf children from Delaware from enrolling. Parents of deaf children expressing concern led the Delaware State Board of Education to initiate plans for building a school for the deaf within the state. Funding and planning took place from 1960 to 1968. Construction was completed in 1968 and the school was open in 1969. The building was named in honor of Margaret S. Sterck, The Margaret Sterck School for the Hearing Impaired.

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The Delaware School for the Deaf "got talent" and needs your support to help them raise money for World Wildlife Foundation and win this fundraising competition

The Delaware School for the Deaf is a leader. We are competing against several other schools for the deaf and want to show everyone we can raise the most money for World Wildlife Foundation and showcase our talents! Here is how you can help!

  • Grab a smartphone and shoot a brief video (45-60 seconds) of your child's talent. You can make as many videos as you like (music, sports, math genius, artist, you name it!) and then...
  • upload your video(s) here in the blue "join the challenge" button
  • Choose as many videos as you want and "like" them by donating!
  • Donate what you can afford to any video, especially your own!
  • share this campaign link with your friends, office colleagues, bowling team, congregants, family! Personally challenge them to donate to your team's videos!!!!
    Proceeds go to the school and raises awareness of how special these students are and for World Wildlife Foundation!

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