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Scholarship Recipient Speaks

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DC African American Museum Paint & Sip ($75.00)

DC African American Museum Paint & Sip ($75.00)

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Jamaican Cooking Class ($75.00)

Jamaican Cooking Class ($75.00)

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Charleston SC Southern Cooking w/ Celebrity Chef Amadeus ($75.00)

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Caribbean Vacation Cocktails ($75.00)

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Handcrafted Sushi Class ($75.00)

Handcrafted Sushi Class ($75.00)

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Handcrafted Sushi Class ($75.00)

Sushi Class

                         Learn how to make a variety of sushi favorites                                                                                      with

                                                      Chef Vivian & Chef Michi.

Chef Vivian and Chef Michi are a husband and wife dynamic culinary duo, each bringing more than 30 years of professional culinary experience to the table. Chef Vivian is a highly respected and lauded private chef, caterer, and cooking class instructor. Chef Michi is a master of all things authentic Japanese sushi. Together, Chef Vivian and Chef Michi are a culinary force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.

Join them as they guide you in this interactive, live virtual cooking class, and teach you every integral step to making picture-perfect Japanese cuisine. Learn how to make three different varieties filled with assorted vegetables, spicy tuna, and a combination of crab, tuna, and salmon. To accompany your rolls, you'll also make a crabstick and avocado salad with a sake and miso dressing.

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Handcrafted Sushi Making Class



Vegetable Hand Roll

With carrots, cucumbers, avocado, and shiitake mushrooms

Miso Crab Salad

With cucumber, avocado, sake, and optional sesame seeds                                                                       

Rainbow Roll

With imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, tuna, and salmon                    

Spicy Tuna Roll

With cucumber, and kimchee sauce or Sriracha



Japanese short-grain sushi rice                                                  


Imitation crab                                                                                      

4 oz raw tuna (red in color)                                                           

4 oz raw salmon                                                                                  

1 avocado                                                                                               

1 English cucumber                                                                               

1 small carrot                                                                                         

2 cups shiitake mushrooms                                                             

1 small pack of miso paste (red or white)                                   

Japanese kimchee base or spicy sauce of your choice         

A small bottle of sake

Soy sauce



Rice vinegar

Sesame seeds

Wasabi paste or powder (optional)

Pickled ginger (optional)

Hand roll stand, optional

Kitchen Equipment

Bamboo sushi mat

Sharp knives

Two cutting boards

Clear wrap






Measuring spoons

Date:    April 30, 2022

Time:   2:00 PM/ PST

Donation: $75.00

* An email will be sent to you with ingredients and directions.

* Also, a link to join the cooking class will be sent to you within 48 hours of the   


                                         ** Ingredients not included in the donation

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