Here's a brief look at what we have been up to here at Fund Duel:

We helped the Junior National Association of the Deaf to raise $10,739

10 different schools for the deaf created delightful videos and competed to see who could raise the most money for JrNAD.


We helped Hope Humanitarian raise thousands to provide food, clothing, medicine, and clean drinking water to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh...


...and we got loads of people back in the US to join our "Jump in with Both Feet" challenge to raise awareness for the Rohingya and generate more donations.


Fund Duel Events

Fund Duel can help your organization raise thousands of dollars is just a few hours at live events.

We raised thousands for Shelter Partnerships of Los Angeles in just a few hours at MIMPA's 2019 Lady in Red Awards.

We raised thousands at the 2019 US Sumo Open to provide Scholarships for American Sumo wrestlers. Fans got in on the fun by doing their best impressions of sumo wrestlers, and posting pictures and videos of themselves to our site.