Chas & Oly by Chasity Snowden

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This photo has helped Campbell's Crew: Mike Campbell, Laura Flores, Megan May raise


of their $3,680.00 total

Like this photo? Help Chasity Snowden raise the most money for Campbell's Crew: Mike Campbell, Laura Flores, Megan May and win the It's a dog eat dog world as Campbell's Crew rolls over competition in photo/video challenge for Leashes of Valor and White Paws German Shepard Dog Rescue!. Donate today!

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Chasity Snowden performed this challenge in support of

Campbell's Crew: Mike Campbell, Laura Flores, Megan May

Campbell's Crew moves mountains in fundraising competition for Leashes of Valor and White Paws German Shepard Dog Rescue!

What is happening here? Multiple teams are competing to raise money for vets in need of emotional support or service dogs. Campbell's Crew is on a quest to raise more funds than all friendly competitors and wants YOU to join the team, participate in the photo/video challenge, donate and share!
Where is my donation going? Your donation will go to two outstanding causes: Leashes of Valor a service dog provided and White Paws German Shepard Dog Rescue.  Both are 501c3 charities.   We are raising money to sponsor the 2022 graduating dog class.  These dogs will graduate service training and be placed with qualified veterans.
About Campbell's Crew: Campbell's Crew is an all-star team comprised of dedicated and passionate team leaders, plus thousands of unseen followers, fans and community members. We lap the competition in everything we do and this challenge is no different. Watch us!

There is nothing more beloved than a devoted dog that renders unconditional love and support, especially to those in need or are hurting. To match up service dogs with new masters, we need to raise money and boost awareness. Here is what you can do to help:

  • using your smartphone, take a picture/short video of you and your dog and
    upload it on the blue join the challenge button
    to support Campbell's Crew as they seek fundraising excellence. By uploading you've created your own unique url.
  • donate on your photo/video to show your support for Leashes Of Valor.
  • share your unique url with everyone you know with a heartfelt request they support your photo and the cause. Tag five friends!
  • call your besties or challenge them on social media to join you as a donor and participant.
    Remember: cool prizes are awarded for most inspiring, most humorous, most creative pictures
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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: One Leash Saves Two Lives!Join Team One Mile in raising cash for canines.Pick a Team Below. Participate in challenge. Donate. Share. James “Iron Cowboy”, Aaron Hopkinson, Jacque Read $2,525.00 Raised so far Cesar's Throne: Steve Lewis, Crystal Waltman, Cesar Valera $2,025.00 Raised so far Campbell's Crew: Mike Campbell, Laura Flores, Megan May $3,680.00 Raised so far CrossFit Blue Moon $310.00 Raised so far Kari's Krusaders: Kari Giles, Sam Dumcum, Tami McVay $1,580.00 Raised so far Lex's Legions: Robert Hastings, Lex Albrecht, Khadevis Robinson $1,710.00 Raised so far One Mile Matching Donation $15,000.00 Raised so far Don's Dominators: Don Davey, Cheryl Dickson, Eric Leslie $200.00 Raised so far White Paws German Shepherd Rescue $225.00 Raised so far Favery's Favorites: Viviane Favery, Sara McDowell, Cliff Walker $3,897.00 Raised so far Tia's Titans: Tia Wright, Travis Strong, John Huenink $725.00 Raised so far