Leigh Steinberg Legends SB 56 Party by Roman Gabriel

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Roman Gabriel performed this challenge in support of

ENP Institute

Sold Out Youth Foundation

It's game on for the ENP Institute - we're ready to raise the roof for the Sold Out Youth Foundation!

About the Executive Next Practices Institute Team: The Executive Next Practices Forum is an established network of FORTUNE 5000 C Level and key executive leaders (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO, HR) who meet to review “first look” innovations in business and leadership strategies. Our unique and highly collaborative sessions are held in a non-solicitation environment to encourage leaders to engage, create and build powerful business relationships. Our members and guests meet globally and regionally in both live and virtual settings.

A note From Roman:  I would like to introduce you to the Founder and CEO of FundDuel. Linda Hansen will be spearheading our Sold Out Youth Foundation Legends and LeadersOnline fundraising campaign leading up to February 10 event. She will also be at the party and working with us to educate corporates, celebrities, and guests in how they can participate leading up to, and participate the night of the party. Funds raised from this event will be dedicated to vastly enhancing Sold Out Youth Foundations technical platform as we make our methods and programs available to every family in America that needs or wants them.
I am so grateful to Linda and her husband Dana who are 100 % committed to helping Sold Out raise additional funding leading up to the Feb 10 event, and beyond. They have helped hundreds of companies nationwide during this pandemic to continue to raise awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable giving for many causes. They have a technology saavy and fun approach to creating competitive and  New wave fundraising that is changing the way people raise money post covid. Using online streaming and social networking campaigns through the individuals, and our corporate sponsors ! Bringing valuable extra added value to our presenting and title packages (see sponsorships).
Regards,  Roman
About Sold Out Youth Foundation:
Sold Out’s Mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol abstinence through a three (3) step online accountable pledge. while delivering an intentional cutting edge interactive video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. Program leverages role model mirroring, and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential.
Who Stands behind Sold Out ? The foundation and movement is the brainchild of Roman Gabriel III, son of former LA Rams All Pro Quarterback Roman Gabriel. He is a former pro quarterback, and the radio and tv host of the Roman Gabriel Show-Faith Family Sports™. Along with countless athletes and celebrities, who like Roman, are concerned for their own children and the devastating effect under-aged alcohol and drug use is having on the youth of America. To date, Sold Out’s School Alcohol and Drug Abstinence Education Program has influenced, and impacted over 300,000 students nationwide.
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    GRAND PRIZE: top donor will receive an invitation to attend the 2022 Super Bowl in LA, compliments of Sold Out Foundation. Donation must exceed $5,000 for prize to be awarded
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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: Show your support and join in fundraising campaign for Sold Out Youth Foundation! Select team. Upload photo or video. Donate. Share. Team Kim Sold Out Youth Foundation $7,500.00 Raised so far Team Ray sold out youth foundation $11,000.00 Raised so far So Cal Rams 4 Life Sold Out youth Foundation $4,550.00 Raised so far ENP Institute Sold Out Youth Foundation $15,902.00 Raised so far Mega Team Attivo sold out youth foundation $16,678.00 Raised so far Team Tracy sold out youth foundation $5,000.00 Raised so far Team Jermichael Sold Out Youth Foundation $12,000.00 Raised so far Team Roman sold out youth foundation $15,425.00 Raised so far Sold Out Youth General Donations $342.00 Raised so far