Loving Copa by Linda Hansen

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Linda Hansen performed this challenge in support of

Hough and Kotsur

In 1957, nine families joined together to create solutions for their own children, creating our first preschool class of six students.

Copa Health has been buoyed by their dedication and vision that all people have the right to education and inclusion. By providing educational, therapeutic, rehabilitative and social services to children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities as well as behavioral health challenges, we change the lives of those we serve.

Integrated behavioral health and wellness programs that empower people to achieve their best possible health and a life of meaning and purpose is foremost in our six values of People First, Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance, Accountability and Innovation.



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Jessica Chun at jessica.chun@copahealth.org or 480.969.3800, ext. 202

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