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of their $375.00 total Washington Elite Blind Hockey

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Michael performed this challenge in support of

Luscious Linda

Washington Elite Blind Hockey

Team Linda busts the move in fundraising challenge against Shadowy Saul

Luscious Linda loses to no one and she expects her team to rally around her in this fundraising competition against the international spy, Shadowy Saul to win this this battle royal. Funds will go to Washington Elite Blind Hockey, fostering teamwork, competition, exercise and mental well-being for blind athletes. You can help Washington Elite Blind Hockey TODAY.

Make sure you join the competition by uploading your picture with LL and donating. Then, share with everyone you know with a request they pitch in a little to help your team rock the competition.

Don't miss this opportunity to help Luscious Linda beat Shadowy Saul in this epic fundraising competition. Failure to join Linda's team will haunt you so here is what you do:  join Luscious Linda's team to win the selfie-contest to raise money for the Washington Elite Blink Hockey:

  • grab your smartphone and corner Luscious Linda long enough to snap a photo together...then
  • upload your photo here on the blue "join the challenge" section and...
  • DONATE whatever you feel you can afford today to the Cause
  • finally, while you're here at the Conference, SHARE your unique page with all your friends and followers and ask that THEY donate on your photo, thus helping Luscious Linda declare victory.

    HAVE FUN and remember this is for the vets!
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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: Washington Elite sponsors Two International Spies to compete to raise money for Blind veterans hockey Shadowy Saul Washington Elite Blind Hockey $5.00 Raised so far Luscious Linda Washington Elite Blind Hockey $375.00 Raised so far

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