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Squat for change Inc. a non-profit organization

Ladies unite...let's help get these guys what they need!

Squat for Change at it's core is creating a world of equality where changing your baby is a man thing too, just like moms. Squat For Change will drive initiatives that result in the installation of appropriate diaper changing stations in all designated public restrooms.  Join the ladies team in showing the men who can raise the most money for this cause. Make sure you participate in the Fund Duel photo challenge and share with all your friends!  

Fun and amazing things happen when we get in front of a camera. Let's focus the lens on raising money for Squat for Change Inc.

  • Using your smartphone, snap a photo of you getting as creative as you can doing a squat (squat solo, with a friend, as a family, as a team, as a community! Think locations, costumes, or whatever your imagination desires. 
  • Using your video camera, capture your most creative squat (Tik Tok it!)
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Remember: top donors qualify to win grand prizes, and People's Choice Awards will be given for most original, creative, hilarious, inspiring or goofy uploads.

*DISCLAIMER - please do NOT put yourself or anyone else in danger or harms way.  Keep it clean as well folks! Now get to squat'n!

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