2021 03 23 Sundance-Coping with Stress by Duane Bentzen

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When the going gets tough, the tough go SKIING!

If I've given you this link and asked you to chip in, you probably know my story and the struggles I've had raising a son with Schizophrenia.  You can make a donation here, BUT I would LOVE it if you add a video of your own or even just a selfie of how you Cope with all the stress that's been going on...

Scroll down or over to the BIG BLUE JOIN THE CHALLENGE BUTTON and add your video (or pic).  I've volunteered to 'captain' this team for my favorite people and this non-profit organization that at one time saved my life.  If that sounds hyperbolic, it's not.  This fundraiser is to raise funds for NAMI, specifically NAMI Westside Los Angeles. 

NAMI Westside Los Angeles (NAMI WLA) is the local non-profit affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental health conditions. NAMI Westside is kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month in May with their first annual Westside Wellness Weekend, a fundraiser that will allow us to continue offering our community the many FREE resources we all need now more than ever. We’re also hoping to have some fun along the way! Join this team and record yourself enjoying the positive coping strategy that’s helped you get through the pandemic (and could also be helping you deal with any #FONO (Fear of Normal) you might be experiencing as the world slowly opens up again). The next steps are easy: SHARE your video or a selfie with us of how YOU cope on a day to day basis,  TAG five friends, and DONATE. Come join the fun(d) now! C'mon YOU CAN DO IT!

Share your favorite positive coping skill with us— whether it be dancing, singing, cooking, meditation, long walks, or any activity that helps you cope!

How to join the challenge:

1. Upload a 15-30 second selfie video (or pic) of your best positive coping strategy.

2. Select the BLUE BUTTON to make your donation to the team of your preference.

3. Share your Best Positive Coping Strategy link on social media and nominate a minimum of 5 friends to join the challenge and donate. Tag @namiwla and use campaign hashtags #positivecopingstragies #letscopetogether #NAMIWLA

4. Invite your friends and followers to join the NAMI WLA Wellness Weekend presented by sponsors indicated below on May 1-2, 2021. Click the link to visit our Wellness Weekend page for more information.

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