Let’s Go Pens! by Ivan Browning

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MoCo Fire Foundation

The World's Team scores a decisive victory against CAPS Fans in fundraising competition for MoCo Fire Foundation!

The motto of the MoCo Fire Foundation is "Helping Those Who Help Others".  They do that by assisting professional fire fighters and first responders in their times of need. Teaming up with Papa John's and The Washington Capitals, we are raising money so the foundation can continue helping those who help others.

Our friends over at CAP Nation are bellicose about how great they are, so the rest of the NHL world is bound to show them who is boss in this fun challenge to raise money. If you are a fan of any NHL franchise OTHER THAN THE CAPS, join us in the photo competition on this page and donate and participate! The World will OWN CAPS fans when this is over (but we'll love them anyway!)

Calling all NHL fans! Time to silence CAPS fans as to who's best. You do this in two ways: (1) upload images of you in your favorite NHL team apparel, your team's collectibles, a flag or anything that demonstrates your loyalty , AND (2) donate. Follow these simple instructions:

  • using your smartphone take a selfie or a photo of your swag, your team's collectibles, ...whatever you want to show off, then
  • upload your photo on the blue "join the challenge" button here on The World's team
  • DONATE on your own photo
  • with your unique URL you can now share your page on social media
  • tag five friends with the challenge to join and donate
  • call five friends and get them to pay up and help boost your team

Remember: check out the prizes below! Prizes will be given for funniest, most colorful or creative, most outrageous pictures or videos of fan participation! Only participants that upload a video/photo and get donations on their upload will get prizes, so what's stopping you? Join in!
Prize bag:
(1) Papa Johns will provide 25 FREE pizzas to random uploads, including best video award
(2) Mission BBQ is providing multiple FREE sandwich coupons:  AWESOME!
(3) for CAPS fans, a signed puck will be provided by The Washington Capitals. Sorry WORLD! Go get your own puck!

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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: Who are the better fans: CAPS Fans or the Rest of the World? Join in battle royale in this unique fundraising competition! The World MoCo Fire Foundation $150.00 Raised so far Team Caps MoCo Fire Foundation $626.00 Raised so far