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Paw-rents for Kids

Paw-rents for Kids

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Team Little Wonders

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Macie's Minions

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Paw-rents for Kids

Team Paw-rents claw their way to victory in fundraising competition for CCCW!

Team Paw-rents recognize the need for more equitable access to quality early child care! To help spread the word and raise funds, we’re enlisting you AND your favorite pet or animal. We hope you will participate and get your friends, family and colleagues in on the fun!  Too many children in Westchester don’t have access to quality early child care, causing them to enter kindergarten at a disadvantage and struggle unnecessarily their whole lives. This also means that a lot of parents – especially women – are forced to give up career progress.

Together, we can fix it!

Team Paw-rents and friends are raising money to support the Child Care Council of Westchester’s work to increase access to the kind of early care and education that sets kids up for success and allows moms and dads to be self-sufficient and build great careers. Not only do we need your financial support, we would love to have you participate and join in the photo challenge and share with everyone you know. Proceeds of funds raised through your photo or video will go to CCCW.

The Child Care Council of Westchester is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that champions the healthy development of children, families and our community by promoting quality early care and education.
We accomplish this mission by:
    * Serving as a one-stop shop for child care resources, referrals and information for parents and employers
    * Helping child care providers implement quality improvement strategies, give the best possible care, grow their businesses, and meet their legal obligations
    * Actively advocating for policies and resources that improve the quality, affordability and accessibility of care

To learn more about CCCW, please visit our website us at:

raised $1,660.00
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Paw-rents to the rescue in this fun photo challenge to raise money for CCCW!

We want to bring attention to the need for more equitable access to quality early child care and raise funds to help make it happen. To help us spread the word, we’re enlisting you AND your favorite pet or animal.
It’s easy!

  • Take a picture of your pet or any animal you love with a sign that says Child Care is Essential
  • Upload your awesome pic by clicking on the blue "join the challenge" button on your team's page…
  • Donate generously to Paw-rents to help your team raise the most money.
  • Share on social media with your preferred hashtags: #Dogs4Kids #DogsRule, #Cats4Kids #Cats Rule or whatever you find to go with your favorite animal – and tag 5 friends who love kids and animals
  • Call 5 friends and ask them to use your link to donate (your link is created when you upload your photo)!

BONUS: Prizes will be awarded randomly for funniest, silliest, most colorful or heartwarming photos so get busy, upload and have fun!

Paw-rents for Kids Challenge Leaderboard

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