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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: 16th Annual All That Glitters Virtual Waves of Change for Epilepsy Gala First International Bank and Trust $5,000.00 Raised so far Neurelis $2,753.50 Raised so far Luann Helepololei $5,236.76 Raised so far Jennings, Haug & Cunningham $12,731.25 Raised so far Supernus Pharmaceuticals $2,500.00 Raised so far Barrow Neurological Institute - Dignity Health $3,250.00 Raised so far Sandrolini Family $1,710.00 Raised so far Cam's Fight $708.00 Raised so far Courtney Bennett $7,575.00 Raised so far Sonora Quest Laboratories $5,460.00 Raised so far Dave & Nancy Brown $3,550.00 Raised so far Team Epilepsy Foundation Arizona $12,961.74 Raised so far Greenwich Biosciences $5,000.00 Raised so far Dr. Eric Foltz $2,550.00 Raised so far Greg Short $2,979.75 Raised so far Zogenix $1,075.00 Raised so far Eisai $2,603.50 Raised so far Beata Blank $2,621.00 Raised so far UCB $6,039.63 Raised so far Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital $6,205.00 Raised so far SK Life Science $2,750.00 Raised so far Coleman Dahm Layeux $2,000.00 Raised so far Jesse Thompson $10,156.18 Raised so far Alan Bayless Feldman $3,586.25 Raised so far Echo Reynolds $3,321.00 Raised so far Ganem Fine Jewelery $1,500.00 Raised so far