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Dr. Jeremy Ueno

Starry Foundation’s mission is to support families and children who are impacted with sensory processing disorder (“SPD”) and are on the autism spectrum. Our goal is to provide these children with the access to a multi-disciplinary team of the best providers in the state of Arizona and California to address their children’s i.e, social, medical and academic challenges. Our team consists of Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Behavioral Analysts, Occupational and Speech therapists and Developmental Neurologists to assess each child. This will be a seamless one-step process for each family. In addition to a top priority is to assist families with financial assistance based on three focus areas 1) financial income 2) single parent 3) military families in California.


  • Making a donation by clicking the “DONATE NOW” button, to the left.
  • Inviting family, friends, and co-workers to give or register for the gala at https://starryfoundation.org/starry-night-san-francisco
  • Sharing your FundDuel Page link via social, email, or text.


Bobby Vossoughi at bobby@bavventures.com or (480) 291-2124


Rachel Corona at rachelc@starryfoundation.org

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