Go VEGAN for a week Challenge!!! Post This on Someone's wall challenge them to go vegan for one week if we can get donations on this pi to $500 by lynn Gantner

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Team Vegan is the best!!!!

All proceeds donated to Team Vegan go to Animal Equality. Animal Equality is a wonderful organization that is working to put an end to the inhumane treatment of farm animals.

Animal Equality has been named a top charity by the ACE. Watch this video to learn how Animal Equality is helping https://youtu.be/iAPDh906Sho

I created this challenge in memory of my daughter Jennifer, who would have turned 30 this year. Jennifer loved animals and was a vegan.

Jennifer tried her best (unsuccessfully) to convince me to adopt a vegan diet.  I was happy with the whole foods diet that I've eaten most of my life and firmly believed that meat and dairy were healthy as long as I stuck to organic and grass-fed.  Since my 20's I've had severe arthritis in my neck due to a congenital condition.  I struggled with this pain for years and then began developing arthritis in my hip, knees, hands, and feet.  Two years ago while recuperating from a hip replacement due to arthritis, I watched the documentary,  What the Health.  I immediately gave up meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.  I have much less inflammation and my arthritis pain has been reduced drastically.  I have more energy, feel happier,  my mind is clear (no more brain fog), and I've become much more compassionate.  The last was huge as I had become very indifferent after Jennifer's death.  

Please join the challenge to help me celebrate the memory of my daughter and be a hero to innocent creatures across the globe.   We can help make the future of our world kind, compassionate, and loving.  A future where all animals have the right to live their lives free of abuse and early death.

In memory of Jennifer Lynn Roley 11/26/1989 to 01/15/2012

Share your story, pic, favorite vegan recipe, pic of your favorite restaurant dish, etc of WHY you think your diet is better or WHY you support TEAM VEGAN.    What is your story?   Why did you decide to go vegan and why do you continue?  Is it for health reasons, the environmental benefits, for the animals, or all three?   You can make a difference and put an end to the horrible torture and murder of innocent agricultural animals.  Be a hero today!!

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I truly appreciate your help in celebrating the memory of my daughter and helping out the animals!!!

I love to travel and have discovered many amazing vegan restaurants along the way.  Below, I've posted one of my all-time favorite vegan meals.  Delicious and healthy!! 

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