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Asia Climaco performed this challenge in support of

Christian Kirk

Lijufa International Bowl

Team Christian rocks the Lijufa International Bowl fundraising competition

LIJUFA International Bowl (LIB) will feature top high school senior athletes from +20 different countries. This one-of-kind event will take place in Tijuana, Mexico on December 27th- 29th, 2019. Eighty American football athletes will showcase their skills for the opportunity to earn college scholarships. 

​In addition to the game played between East and West, there will be a NFL style combine presented by Fast Play Athletics and Zybek Sports. The combine will analyze each athlete’s speed, agility and skills. The results of the combine will be analyzed by 2 selected head coaches and their staff. All of the combine data will be used to draft the east and the west rosters.  ​Each team will install and practice the given playbook on Saturday the 28th followed by The Legacy Dinner.  All 72 athletics will have the opportunity to see and speak to past players of the NFL and members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, presented by the NFL Alumni San Diego Chapter.

On game day, Sunday the 29th, The International Bowl will live stream the game on Pixel Sports around the world at 1:00pm PT.

We invite YOU to join us on the blue "join the challenge" button by raising funds for many of these athletes that do not have the funds to train, travel or play. Show us your best end zone dance or Heisman Trophy pose, then upload it, donate and share it.

Fun things happen when we get in front of a camera. Let's focus the lens on raising money for the Lijufa International Bowl and aspiring athletes. Many of these young athletes are severely limited by finances and without your help, may never have the opportunity to develop their talent. Here is what Christian wants you do:

  • using your smartphone, snap a photo of you striking your best Heisman Trophy pose or using your video camera, capture your most hilarious end zone dance;
  • upload your photo or video on the blue "join the challenge" button then...
  • DONATE on your own video/photo. Please be generous! But, don't stop there...
  • make sure to share, share, share with everyone you know and ask them to donate on your video/photo

Remember: top donors qualify to win grand prizes, and People's Choice Awards will be given for most original, creative, hilarious, inspiring or goofy uploads.

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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: NFL stars compete to Help 80 High School Football players earn scholarships James Washington Lijufa International Bowl $935.00 Raised so far Ricky Williams Lijufa International Bowl $315.00 Raised so far Christian Kirk Lijufa International Bowl $410.00 Raised so far