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Help us Raise Money for Project Linus Chicago

Who doesn't have a favorite blankie?!  They provide warmth, comfort and just make you feel better when we are sick or down. 

Culver's of Buffalo Grove and Lincolnshire need your help to raise money for Project Linus North & Central Chicagoland who provides love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children age 0-18 who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”  They also provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children. Check out all they do at

Of course, you can just donate, but why not join in the challenge by hitting the blue button and taking a selfie with your own favorite blankie and uploading it so everyone can see!  When you do this will get your own link to share with friends and family. 

'Tis the season for giving. Let's do what we can to provide extra for those kids who need it this holiday season. 

raised $850.00
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Join in the Blankie Challenge

Help us raise money for Project Linus and show your love for your favorite blanket.  

It's easy as 1...2...3...

1. Grab your cell phone and take a selfie with your favorite blankie 

2. Click on the Blue JOIN THE CHALLENGE button. Put in a Title for your pic, your name, and email 

3. Upload your picture

4. Then add your donation through your personal link 

5. So everyone can be part of the FUN, be sure to SHARE this page with family, friends, neighbors, and more on Social Media!   Use hashtags #Projectlinus when sharing. 

 .........UPLOAD.........DONATE.........SHARE........Share it 

 6. Come into Culver's Buffalo Grove or Culver's Lincolnshire with proof that you Joined the Challenge and donated for a FREE small scoop of custard. 

Recent Donations for the team

  • Crystal donated $20.00.
  • Christina Irani donated $5.00.
  • Brian Fernandez donated $5.00.
  • Sharona & Mitch Labrosse donated $10.00.
  • Rhonda Benbo donated $25.00.
  • Leisa Mckinnon donated $10.00.
  • Cynthia Valentine donated $25.00.
  • Karla Horn donated $5.00.
  • Peter Gantner donated $10.00.
  • Richard Resnik donated $5.00.
  • J R Profant donated $5.00.
  • Vanessa E Bradford donated $5.00.
  • Vanessa E Bradford donated $5.00.
  • Cynthia Abernethy donated $5.00.
  • Belimda Wilder donated $5.00.
  • Brian Fernandez donated $5.00.
  • Daniel Dombrowski donated $5.00.
  • Diana Meehan donated $25.00.
  • Leon Jeffrey Simpson donated $5.00.
  • Lisa Krieger donated $10.00.
  • Maureen Singiser donated $5.00.
  • Gregg Holtz donated $5.00.
  • Steve Kanelos donated $5.00.
  • Paul Firetto donated $5.00.
  • Chaz McDonald donated $5.00.
  • Cheryl Hobart donated $25.00.
  • Madie Vilbig-King donated $10.00.
  • Jeff Gardner donated $5.00.
  • Heidi Zechzer donated $10.00.
  • SAMANTHA MCGOWAN donated $25.00.
  • Debbie Thompson donated $100.00.
  • Kathy Sekany donated $100.00.
  • Jason McGowan donated $25.00.
  • Julie Casillas donated $5.00.
  • Justin donated $5.00.
  • Maria L Marrocco donated $10.00.
  • Jon Bywater donated $5.00.
  • Melanie Julian donated $5.00.
  • Katie Sleigh donated $25.00.
  • Cynthia Carnahan donated $25.00.
  • Kimberly Somora donated $5.00.
  • Tara Eitman donated $5.00.
  • Keith Peterson donated $5.00.
  • George Velisaris donated $5.00.
  • Diana Meehan donated $10.00.
  • Matthew Halvorsen donated $10.00.
  • Lisa G Maness donated $10.00.
  • Elisha Zielke donated $5.00.
  • DeLynn Fowler donated $10.00.
  • Janell Rangel donated $5.00.
  • Catherine Biggane donated $5.00.
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  • Stephanie donated $5.00.
  • Robin McGowan donated $50.00.
  • Cara Olson donated $25.00.
  • Theresa Fisher donated $5.00.
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  • Kathleen McLaughlin donated $5.00.
  • Cory Moran donated $5.00.
  • Peter Gantner donated $50.00.

Prizes Won

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    Donate and you may win the first!

The Culver's Employee who raises the most for Project Linus will win a $100 Visa Gift Card. 

Everyone who joins in the challenge by clicking on the Blue Join Challenge Button uploads a picture of themselves or pet with their favorite blankie and donates can come into Culver's Buffalo Grove or Lincolnshire with proof and receive a free small scoop of custard