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Juguetón Casimirense

Hello Friends, let me introduce myself, my name is Héctor Gutiérrez better known as Shy Gutierrez in the world of Entertainment. I am a journalist by profession. I do not have or belong to any foundation or non-profit organization. Our goal has always been to support others from the bottom of the heart. I don't belong to a political party either. I have been in my Profession as a Reporter for almost 12 years and I have been participating in charitable works for almost several years, always supporting children by giving away
toys. As a communicator I have supported other artists, foundations in giving toys to less fortunate children.

On one of my many trips to my beloved Mexico, especially to my beloved town where I grew up in Casimiro Castillo Jalisco, I had a special divine call from the same universe of life where I could decipher that it was time to do something for the children of my town. I could see the sacrifice that these children's parents make for giving a toy to their children. And seen the need to see more smiles in the children of the town. 

I started with this idea and started leaning on my family and closest friends. And in 2018 we were able to give away more than 1000 (Thousand) toys. The greatest satisfaction for our hearts was to see more than a thousand smiles. 

Our purpose is to raise money here in Los Angeles by making an event with Sponsors and making raffles. And to be able to buy the toys in Guadalajara to be able to give them in this Christmas time in Casimiro Castillo Jalisco. 

raised $705.00
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---Usando su teléfono celular, tome y suba su  foto (selfie) mandanos un beso o corazon. O, agregue un breve video de 30 a 60 segundos envía un mensaje positivo a los niños.

---CARGUE su foto o video en el botón azul "unirse al desafío".

--- Asegúrese de donar en su foto o video: Sea generoso

--- Entonces, ¡COMPARTE CON TODOS! Invítelos a donar y participar.

¡No olvide que los donantes participarán en un sorteo gratuito por el gran premio de 3 noches de estadía en un resort en Las Vegas!

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