Temple of chill by Rube Jukich

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of their $145.00 total Riverview Students

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Rube Jukich performed this challenge in support of

Team Johanna

Riverview Students

Team Johanna raises money for "Can You Dig It" Field Trip

 Every kid loves field trips! It's what students live for in school. Oh, besides recess and lunch! Help Team Johanna in a competition to raise the most money for their class field trip by donating and joining the challenge!  Fun Prizes await! 

Several PRIZES DO await! Let's finish up Strong in these final days to help each student reach their goal of $306!   Prizes include surprises from "The Secret Envelope"  AND a Spa Relaxation Package including a 90 minute massage, as well as a pizza party finale! Go Teammates! FUN!

Winners of the Prize bag are Brody and Macy ($50 each) for sharing the most to raise the most funds during the donation match week! Congratulations!

Also, Congrats to Tonu for winning the first Secret Envelope Surprise of $25 Yogurt Beach gift card for jumping ahead the first week kick-off!  

Show it off! Use your mad Card Tower building skills and then quickly, before it falls; 

     *Capture it using your Smartphone

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     *Share on your social media of choice! 

Don't forget to call out YOUR Besties to beat Your constructing skills, and challenge them to donate or post as well. Have some Crazy fun! Let's get these kids "Digging It Up" in Northern Nevada on their field trip! 

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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: Riverview Christian Academy Grades 5-8 Compete to Raise Money for Their Adventurous 4 Day Field Trip Exploring Geological Sites Team Carly Riverview Students $230.00 Raised so far Team Brody Riverview Students $880.00 Raised so far Team Francis RIverview Students $146.44 Raised so far Team Madelynn riverview students $445.00 Raised so far Team Joseph Riverview Students $140.00 Raised so far Team Macy RIverview Students $520.00 Raised so far Team Trenton Riverview Students $525.00 Raised so far Team Elizabeth Riverview Students $160.00 Raised so far Team Fanga Riverview Students $365.00 Raised so far Team Lucas Riverview Students $265.00 Raised so far Team Johanna Riverview Students $145.00 Raised so far Team Tonu Riverview Students $225.00 Raised so far

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