Go Nurses! by Dana Hansen

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of their $50.00 total 2019 Uganda Medical Mission

Like this photo? Help Dana Hansen raise the most money for Nurses that own it and win the Nurses raise money for the 2019 Uganda Medical Mission operated by Precious Kids Foundation and want you to show the doctors who REALLY Owns it!. Donate today!

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Dana Hansen performed this challenge in support of

Nurses that own it

2019 Uganda Medical Mission

Nurses unite to SHOW doctors that THEY own it in a fund raising competition for the 2019 Uganda Medical Mission

Where would this world be without Nurses? They are powerful and are showing us just that... in a competition against doctors to raise money for the 2019 Uganda Medical Mission by Precious Kids Foundation and they want YOU to join in and help them. 

Where is my money going?  Your support goes to  facilitate the 2019 Uganda Medical Mission operated by Precious Kids Foundation

What is Precious Kids Foundation doing with the funds?  We offer FREE medical care via our massive Medical Mission Camps scheduled in Jinja, Uganda. Last year, we treated over 4700 patients and this year, we estimate 7000 patients will receive treatment in less than 5 days from our medical and non-medical volunteers.

How do I get involved in Nurses vs. Doctors... Its easy. You can simply donate...OR...

if you want to PARTICIPATE IN THE VIDEO OR PHOTO CHALLENGE,  either (1) shoot a 15-20 second video of you stating one of the Uganda medical facts we provide and conclude by holding a piece of paper or poster that says "2019 Uganda Medical Mission...I Care for Uganda," OR (2) you can just write it on paper. Then, upload it on under your team of choice and make your donation right on your photo or video. Tag four or five friends or nurses you know on Facebook or other social media and challenge them to do the same. This is all about showing unconditional love to our brothers and sisters in Uganda. Join us in this Cause!

Okay Nurses...Come show the Doctors that YOU REALLY "Own it."  Its easy to participate and donate. You have an option on how to engage for good. Read below.

(1) Choose one of the Uganda medical facts below. Either (1) Make a 15-20 second video of you asking "Did you know?" and repeat the fact. Then, conclude your video with either a poster or paper stating: "Nurses Own It! 2019 Uganda Medical Mission  #ICARE4U   OR (2)  simply write the fact on a sheet of paper with "Nurses Own it! 2019 Medical Mission   #ICARE4U  

(2) Post your video or photo here under "Nurses that own it"

(3) DONATE on your own video or photo (Thanks for being generous!)

(4) Share on your social media and tag 4-5 Nurses or friends to do the same  


  • * the leading cause of death in children under 5 years is Malaria
  • * 300 children die daily from Malaria
  • * 1,000 children die daily from acute diarrhea from unsafe water
  • * only 39% of married couples use family planning
  • *family planning and education is critical to unmarried women to prevent death while birthing their babies

Proceeds go to Precious Kids Foundation for their operations of the 2019 medical mission to Uganda and you can qualify to win cool prizes, including the grand prize of a vacation get-away. Also, there will be a surprise Swag Bag of goodies given to the "People's Choice" winner! 

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