Liza Jumps In by Liza

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Liza performed this challenge in support of

Hope Humanitarian

Hope Humanitarian is going all the way to Bangladesh to bring aid to the Rohingya refugees there. We're jumping in with both feet. You can help us by joining our "Jump in with Both Feet" Challenge.

Make a video where you jump into a pair of pants with both feet, and upload it here to our site. Feel free to be creative with it. Tell people that you're doing it to help Hope Humanitarian bring aid to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and challenge your friends to join in by donating or uploading their own jump-into-pants videos.

Once you've uploaded your challenge, we'll give you a link to your personal challenge page. Share that link with your friends on social media and through email, and ask them to join in!"

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This challenge is part of the fundraising campaign: Hope Humanitarian - Helping the Rohingya in Bangladesh Hope Humanitarian $2,250.08 Raised so far