Three Authors Meet in the Desert to see who is top fundraiser for Sold Out Youth Foundation! Kiera Colson and Twin Tales

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Crystal Waltman and Quitting to Win

Crystal Waltman and Quitting to Win

$758.00 raised
2nd Place
Dr. Tony Colson and Unlocking Your Divine DNA

Dr. Tony Colson and Unlocking Your Divine DNA

$503.00 raised
3rd Place
Kiera Colson and Twin Tales

Kiera Colson and Twin Tales

$479.00 raised
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Kiera Colson and Twin Tales

Kiera Colson rallies her fans and followers in fundraising competition benefitting Sold Out Youth Foundation!

Kiera Colson is a budding young author with enough energy and vision to change the world. She recently authored the youth-oriented fiction/fantasy tome entitled Twin Tales and loves to serve her fans and followers. Today, she is marshaling them together in fundraising competition against two other wonderful and award-winning authors to see who will raise the most money to benefit Sold Out Youth Foundation.

About Sold Out Youth Foundation: Sold Out ‘s mission is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering an intentional interactive video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform. Program leverages role model mirroring, and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential.

Who stands behind Sold Out? The foundation and movement is the brainchild of Roman Gabriel III, son of All-Pro NFL Quarternback Roman Gabriel of the LA Rams and a former quarterback himself. Along with countless athletes and celebrities who, like Roman, are concerned for their own children and the youth of America taking a path of alcohol and drug consumption, the Sold Out influence and outreach has impacted tens of thousands of our youth.

How can YOU make a difference? Join Kiera's team, donate and participate in the fun selfie-challenge and SHARE! Remember, even though Kiera has a wonderful book out, she is asking you to help her with kids her own age.

raised $479.00
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Team Kiera leads the charge in photo competition benefitting Sold Out Youth Foundation!

Kiera invites you to show everyone "how you read" and capture that on your smartphone. Make it fun and creative and you could win a prize! Here is what you do:

  • take a selfie or picture showing how you can be using your smartphone to listen to a narrator, reading your tablet or laptop, reading on your hammock under the sun, sleeping on the couch with a book over your head, reading while exercising...anything!
  • upload your photo to support Team Kiera on the blue "join the challenge" button. This will create your own unique page URL
  • DONATE right on your photo
  • share your URL with an invitation to your social followers and friends to upload their creative interpretation of reading
  • tag five friends

Remember: you're raising money for Sold Out Youth Foundation and assisting them, through your donation, to aid youth in abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

EXCITING NEWS: due to the generosity of two inaugural sponsors we started our campaign at $1000!  If you'd like to join them as sponsors with your company logo added to our sponsor section, please contact Dana @ (310) 795-1658

Sandra Wilken = $500

Anonymous     =  $500

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