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Team Vegan

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Team Carnivore

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Team Carnivore

for Best Friends Animal Society

Help to make Team Carnivore number 1!!! Donations to Team Carnivore will go to Best Friends Animal Society to help homeless pets. When Best Friends was founded 30 years ago, the number of shelter animals being euthanized was over 17 million a year. They've helped reduce that number to 4 million a year. They are working towards making needless Euthanasia a thing of the past. You can help to make a difference with your donation.
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Team Vegan

for Animal Equality

Go Team Vegan!! We know that a vegan diet is the healthiest for our body, the best for the planet, and the most humane. Let's prove that we are also the best at supporting a worthy cause. We can make a difference by supporting an organization that is speaking out for the voiceless. Animal Equality is working to end the cruel treatment of Agricultural animals. Vegans and Vegan- curious let's show the true meaning of loving animals!!!!!
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Team Carnivore

Team Carnivore

I created this challenge in memory of my daughter Jennifer, who would have turned 30 this year.  Jennifer loved animals. 

All of the proceeds donated to Team Carnivore go to Best Friends Animal Society.  Best Friends was established in 1984 and has worked tirelessly to end the euthanasia of shelter animals.  They have regional programs across the nation and are working to eliminate puppy mills.  They provide education on the importance of spaying and neutering and they promote adoption rather than buying pets.  They have established an animal sanctuary in Utah which currently houses 1700 animals.  The sanctuary is open to the public for free tours. is a wonderful organization that is working to put an end to kill shelters and to help find loving homes for homeless pets. 

Please join the challenge to help me celebrate the memory of my daughter and be a hero to homeless pets.

In memory of Jennifer Lynn Roley  11/26/1989 to 01/15/2012

raised $510.00
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Team Carnivore... Please Show Your Support

Share your story, pic,  carnivorous recipe, etc of WHY you think your diet is better or WHY you support TEAM Carnivore.........  Why will you never go vegan?  What do you find annoying about vegans?  Please share and donate just follow the directions below

Share your story, opinion, facts, videos, and/or pics follow the instructions below. Your effort will go to a great cause!! 

Here's how you can help:

Click the Blue Join the challenge button

Add your, pic, video, or YouTube URL.

Fill in the required information.

Click Publish to Fund Duel

Next, make your donation. Every donation no matter how small is appreciated. However, bigger is always better!!

Now share your contribution with friends and family via social media and/or word of mouth.  

If you've done all of the above then thank you for being so awesome!!!

I truly appreciate your help in celebrating the memory of my daughter and helping out the animals!!!

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