Sacred Heart Catholic School invites you to join in our Digital Duel 3-5 Pouncing Panthers

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Total Amount Raised: $8,448.02
Winning Team
6-8 Panther Pride

6-8 Panther Pride

$4,748.02 raised
2nd Place
 3-5 Pouncing Panthers

3-5 Pouncing Panthers

$2,120.00 raised
3rd Place
K-2 Courageous Cubs

K-2 Courageous Cubs

$1,580.00 raised
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Goal $21,000
Total Amount Raised $8,448
Time Remaining 0 days
3-5 Pouncing Panthers  3-5 Pouncing Panthers $0 raised for technology Donate
K-2 Courageous Cubs K-2 Courageous Cubs $0 raised for technology Go to Team
6-8 Panther Pride 6-8 Panther Pride $0 raised for technology Go to Team

3-5 Pouncing Panthers

The Pouncing Panthers are rocking our Digital Duel for technology!

We may be in the middle, but we'll come out on top with your help! To prepare us to be the leaders we are, our school is raising money to update our classroom technology and boost our wifi. We are competing against the Courageous Cubs in grades K-2 and the middle school Panther Pride to see who can raise the most money. Please join us by donating (to us!) AND participating in our challenge. And please share this with all your friends on social media - help the Pouncers and our school win 

raised $2,120.00
days left 0

Working Hard at Being Lazy!

We may be the middle grades, but we'll POUNCE to the TOP of our school with your support! How can you help? How LAZY do you want to be?
1 - Just plain lazy? Click the RED DONATE button for our team, donate what you can and be done.
2. A little lazy? Support a student by clicking the RED DONATE button on their video/picture below. Donate what you can. Students that raise at least $100 earn a free dress day. Top earner for our team gets 1 school day to wear whatever shoes they want! And for every $25 a student earns, they receive a piece of duct tape to tape Father Raj to the wall - if our school hits our $21,000 goal!
3. POUNCY lazy? Post your own video or picture of your best LAZY pose. Donate what you can when you post. Want to support a student at the same time? Include their name in your caption - your $s will be added to their total.
Thank you for supporting our Catholic education! Make sure to share with all your friends and challenge them to support us as well!

3-5 Pouncing Panthers Challenge Leaderboard

Vote for your favorite photo or video by donating!

Recent Donations for the 3-5 Pouncing Panthers team

  • Linda Hansen donated $700.00.
  • Anissa Mersiowsky donated $25.00.
  • Philomena donated $25.00.
  • Felipe donated $10.00.
  • Charles Carnazza donated $10.00.
  • Miriam Kusserow donated $10.00.
  • Sophia donated $100.00.
  • Janiece Perez donated $5.00.
  • Crew Contreras donated $50.00.
  • Emma & Leah Skodinski donated $100.00.
  • John Eckert donated $25.00.
  • Joe & Liana Settanni donated $25.00.
  • Kaden Lampe donated $150.00.
  • Kaden Lampe donated $150.00.
  • Rose Mary Lee donated $100.00.
  • Larry Lamper donated $10.00.
  • Sam Bragg donated $25.00.
  • Kylie Williams donated $100.00.
  • Anthony & Maeve Settanni donated $10.00.
  • Karla Escamilla donated $15.00.
  • Logan Lamper donated $25.00.
  • Joseph Lee donated $100.00.
  • Phillip donated $25.00.
  • Teresa Maness donated $25.00.
  • Allison Huddleston donated $10.00.
  • Steve Huddleston donated $10.00.
  • Janiece Perez donated $25.00.
  • Janiece Perez donated $50.00.
  • Juanita Martin donated $25.00.
  • michael ray and Brenda Ray donated $25.00.
  • Pamela Griggs-Lee donated $25.00.
  • Danielle Moloney donated $25.00.
  • BJ Williams donated $50.00.
  • Avery donated $25.00.
  • Tashia Irvine donated $30.00.