We shall either Bloom like Flowers in the Sun or Ride Dark Clouds Astride Dangerous Winds 1 by Korey Wyatt

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Korey Wyatt performed this challenge in support of

Change Your Algorithm

AAPI Pride

Change Your Algorithm is all about awareness and raising money in this fun challenge!

Change Your Algorithm wants you to join them in raising money for the AT Center to help with costs associated with running the Center, transportation and so on. To do so, we are celebrating the AAPI Heritage Month this Saturday. If you can't join us there and participate and donate, then please take a moment and do so here on our Fund Duel page! It's easy. Click the DONATE button and give, AND...join the photo/video challenge to upload how your show your AAPI Pride. Follow the easy instructions and SHARE!  That's it. Have fun and thanks!

Grab your camera phone and capture an image or a quick video to show your AAPI pride. Here is what you do (you can also view the video below for other ideas!):

  • Using your smartphone, either take a brief video or take a selfie showing your AAPI pride. It can be entertaining, colorful, whimsical, creative...just have fun with it!  Get your "besties" involved. Then...
  • upload your photo/video here under the blue "join the challenge button."
  • donate on your video or photo to help with the AT Center programs to assist those that benefit from its outreach!
  • share with your social media, and CALL five friends and request they donate on your photo! Since you posted, you created your own unique URL. Copy that link from your own page and blast it out everywhere for people to enjoy!
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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: AT Center and Pride = Health kicks off a year of Pride events with local partners Change Your Algorithm AAPI Pride $505.00 Raised so far Pride = Health MESH Team Moments of Experience Strength and Hope $0.00 Raised so far