Peace Works United and Tacoma-George Sister City Committee Presents"The Read Well" Challenge & Fundraiser YOUTH LEADER Jalean Peek

Goal $8,000
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Time Remaining 6 days
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Team Jalean Peek

Hi! My name is Jalean Peek. I am fourteen years old and a sophomore at Lakes High School in Lakewood, Washington. When I was nine years old, I had the opportunity to visit George, South Africa and get involved with the Womb to Tomb organization. I saw them helping so many people in the community. Which is whyI know this Read Well campaign is a good thing. When you learn to read and understand the whole world opens up and lots of hope is possible. I like the idea of children seeing themselves in the story. That will make them curious to want to learn and understand everything in the book! This is a good cause. Please join the challenge to support young children in our Sister City to improve their reading skills. Thank you in advance for your donation.

Peace Works United and Tacoma-George Sister City Committee Presents

The Read Well Challenge

We are inviting you to join us in raising money to support 400 3rd and 4th graders in George South Africa on improving their reading skill and comprehension. 

The collaboration is between Peace Works United & Tacoma George Sister City Committee in the US and Womb to Tomb, a Non Governmental Organization in South Africa. 

Womb to Tomb has defined the problem as 78% of South Africa's children in grades 3rd and 4th can not read for meaning.  

We are excited to be part of the solution by providing them with a Holiday gift of personalized books that feature their name and family members as main characters in the story. Each book is a small cost of 20 dollars. When we reach our goal, we will donate any excess funds to Greentrike Children's Museum and the Parkland Literacy Center at Pacific Lutheran University. When the story is about them, they will surely understand.

Thank you for your involvement.

raised $1,575.00
days left 6

Read Well Challenge & Fundraiser



Show us your favorite book about peace by reading it to some youngsters or uploading a picture with you holding it! 



1. UPLOAD A VIDEO of you reading to someone of youth or upload a picture holding your favorite book about peace. 

2. Select the RED BUTTON to make your donation to the team you are supporting. 

3. SHARE your video or picture of how you #readwell on Facebook or Instagram and nominate minimum of 3 friends to join in and donate.

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