My daughter Heather’s story of survival by Linda Hansen

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About Team Heather and High Thrive Coaching: Heather Choate is a champion for life and for families. Her company, High Thrive Coaching, has aided or saved thousands of marriages through her online platform. As a 29 year old, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer AFTER she was 12 weeks pregnant. She refused to abort her baby, turned toward faith through the pregnancy and cancer, and survived. Her story is written in her book "Fighting for our Lives" which made Amazon's best seller list for non-fiction. Today, she asks you to be a superstar for The Carey Foundation and join her team and help with this fundraising competition!
About The Carey Foundation and Dare2tutu:
It's not every day that a burly, hairy-chested man dons a pink tutu for the world to see. Then again, it's not every day that you find out that your wife has breast cancer. That's how The Tutu Project began. It was a happy retreat in the face of confusion and fear. It was born with the release of Ballerina, a powerful book of striking, joyful photographs for anyone who has been touched by this disease. Today, our mission is to raise funds for women, men, and their families to ease the financial burdens that come with a breast cancer diagnosis.
Bob Carey is a New York City based commercial/advertising photographer.  His most recent personal project, shot over the last twelve years, are self portraits in a pink tutu.  Don't stop reading, it gets better.  Bob and Linda, his wife and business partner, dedicated all of these images to raise breast cancer awareness because Linda knows how tough this can be herself.  In 2012, they raised funds to self-publish his book,  Ballerina.  The best part, is that the project has gone viral and the Carey Foundation was established thanks to all of you!
How can I help? Since you are on Albina's team page, take a moment and participate in the photo/video challenge, donate and share. Your donation will go to the ongoing r&d at Komen and Albina's breathtaking art will aid in empowering women everywhere to make a difference in their communities!

About Albina Zorina, celebrity artist: Albina Zorina’s mother Vera born 1953 in Russia had breast cancer at the age of 51 sixteen years ago. “Breast cancer affected my mother but the whole family is still recovering from the drama we all went through. My mother had operation where 1 of her breasts was completely removed and she had 6 chemotherapies.” Albina in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month has launched a fundraiser on the next generation fundraising platform, Fund Duel which is gamified, fun and engaging bringing over $100,000 to many campaigns. The campaign will include the auction for the excusive Angelina Jolie painting, giveaways of personalized paintings of your loved ones and prizes all to support The Tutu Project in NJ helping breast cancer patients with support. Join us for a little fun competition and help others! Find out details on the Fund Duel website.

Everyone knows a friend, a family member, co-worker, or acquaintance that has been impacted by breast cancer. What is your story about courage and survival that you can share with and strengthen others? Here is how you can help us beat this disease:

  • using your smartphone, tell us your one minute video version of your own story of survival, or how breast cancer has impacted your family OR upload a photo that shows someone you love. See the example video below. You can “spice it up” by wearing a tutu to show your support for this cause to aid cancer victims.
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If you like Angelina Jolie and would like to win an auction of a 30x40 inch original oil and canvass, JOIN THE SILENT AUCTION by selecting the gavel icon above! The opening bid is $500 USD. 

Finally…for ALL donors over $500 who share their “story” in the challenge, a judges panel will select one luck winner who Albina will paint a portrait of YOU.
Please note we will do our best to make sure all prizes will be delivered to your home by November 12.

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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: Beating Breast Cancer with Celebrity Artist Albina Zorina and powerful women! Select your team. Join the challenge. Upload. Donate. Share. Jules Celebrity Writer The Carey Foundation $1,970.00 Raised so far Team Heather and High Thrive Coaching The Carey Foundation $400.00 Raised so far Team Tutu The Carey Foundation $1,668.00 Raised so far Team Athalia The Carey foundaiton $280.00 Raised so far