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Coup Contrecoup partners with NAMI

Coup Contrecoup

~ Life is a trauma response.

Coup Contrecoup is a Post Hardcore/Nu-Metal hybrid from Tacoma, WA whose mission is to destigmatize the mental health crisis one song - one story - at a time. With musical influences ranging from Rage Against the Machine and Deftones to Pink Floyd and Childish Gambino, they use a mix of rock, punk, hardcore, metal, hip-hop, and art to transform their inspiration into an exclusive sound all their own. But what makes them stand out from the crowd more than their unique, eclectic style, is their commitment to spreading their message through their music and lyrics.

In 2017, former roommates and longtime friends, Jon Veitch (Lead Vocals) and Christian Ballard (Vocals/Guitar) joined forces to begin a project that would transcend their passion for music. As fellow band members, Ian Speckmaier (Guitar), Nicole Valles (Vocals/Bass), and Thomas Horn (Drums) came on board, they turned their focus toward using their music to break the stigma associated with having a mental illness. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, ADHD, or a combination of other issues, they have all struggled with mental illness in one form or another. They understand the pressures people face and want to let fans know they are not alone in their fight. Their mission is to connect with their fans by creating lyrics and music that resonates deep within and allows them to feel comfortable about wanting to get help. 

In addition to uniting with fans through their music, Coup Contrecoup also dedicates time outside of the studio to help raise awareness and spread their message. On their website, you will find a page where fans can share their mental health stories and be featured alongside each band member’s individual story. You can also find them working with organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to help raise money through donations from events and merchandise sales.

Currently, the band is hard at work finalizing their debut album, Split, which is scheduled for release on May 1, 2021 with summer tour dates to be announced shortly after. They also have shows booked with NAMI Pierce County in May and October of 2021 and plan to take on similar projects to help spread awareness as opportunities arise.

| All donations go to NAMI Programs

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Bust or Break The Stigma


#BustTheStigma or #BreakTheStigma

1) Bust the Stigma: Blow up a balloon, write a stigma on one side and
#BusttheStigma on the other. Record yourself busting the balloon in a creative way! Tag and challenge your friends to join in at or donate.

2) Break the Stigma: Grab an egg and write a stigma on one side and #BreakTheStigma on the other. Record yourself breaking the egg in a creative way! Tag and challenge your friends to join in at or donate.

EXAMPLE “I bust the stigma of anxiety”; “I challenge John and Sally Doe to bust the stigma at or donate."

It's time to start the conversation and bring mental health awareness to the forefront. Join us by participating today and YOU can help us bust or break the stigma of mental illness. 

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