Pathfinders' Over the Rainbow for Kids Fundraising Challenge.
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Team Dorothy & Toto Sponsored by Smoketree Jewelers

Goal $50,000
Total Amount Raised $17,469
Time Remaining 5 days

Team Dorothy & Toto Sponsored by Smoketree Jewelers

We're putting our best foot forward for kids.

We are a ladies organization founded by 15 women, many of whom were members of Thunderbird Country Club in 1957 to support the children of the Coachella Valley. We specifically supported the Boys Club of Palm Springs, which just celebrated its 72nd year, and as of 1989 became known as the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Springs. We further support Pathfinder Ranch in Garner Valley, CA, that provides camps, outdoor education and retreat rental programs. 

raised $7,695.00
days left 5

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Dance to Donate

Are you a shoo-in to put your best foot forward? It's time to make your move to help kids get over the rainbow for a bright future. Alone or with friends and family, show us your best dance moves from your favorite era or musical artist. Get moving, then dare to share with others!

Up for the challenge? Team Dorothy & Toto is dancing to the beat in serving Coachella Valley youth.

Picture this. Your best dance moves from a song, movie or (yes) karaoke. This video/photo challenge is for all Palm Springs Pathfinders’ fans and friends! Let’s have fun, get creative, and show support by filling the pot of gold for local Coachella Valley youth. It’s as easy as:

• Uploading a 30-second video selfie (or photo) to meet the challenge of Team Dorothy & Toto. This creates your personal, custom link to share with your friends, family and peers.

• Sharing on social media from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

• Tagging at least five others to accept your challenge and donate. Tag #TeamDorothyandToto #OverTheRainbow

• Not a social media fan or follower? Simply copy this team’s page link, and forward it from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Reminder: In less than five minutes, you can make a difference in the lives of someone, who could be a friend in need to your own child, niece, nephew, cousin or grandchild.

Recent Donations for the Team Dorothy & Toto Sponsored by Smoketree Jewelers team

  • Brett Stone donated $500.00.
  • Anonymous donated $50.00.
  • Astaran Shams donated $200.00.
  • Liz Cortinas donated $50.00.
  • Susan Laudert donated $1,000.00.
  • toni Johnson donated $1,000.00.
  • toni Johnson donated $25.00.
  • Judy Stone donated $50.00.
  • Kelly Gallego donated $25.00.
  • Vickie Culver donated $25.00.
  • Christine Kelly donated $25.00.
  • Ginger Culver donated $100.00.
  • Anonymous donated $100.00.
  • Ty Rogowsky donated a private amount.
  • Ty Rogowsky donated a private amount.
  • Judy Stone donated $100.00.
  • Carolyn and Geoege Hubman donated $1,000.00.
  • Marty Ormsby donated $75.00.
  • Vicki Gordon donated $50.00.
  • Connie Hubbell donated $100.00.
  • Joann E Mitchell donated $25.00.
  • Marty Ormsby donated $25.00.
  • Elizabeth Fager donated $500.00.
  • Lynn Bremer donated $1,000.00.
  • Kim Smith donated $500.00.
  • Gary Stone donated $250.00.
  • Susan Tevyaw donated $50.00.
  • Michael Wood donated $100.00.
  • Ellen Scheuer donated a private amount.
  • Courtney Kaiser donated $50.00.
  • Diane Bielen donated $100.00.
  • Anonymous donated a private amount.
  • Anonymous donated $25.00.
  • Ty Rogowsky donated a private amount.
  • James Greenway donated $100.00.
  • James Greenway donated $100.00.
  • Ty Rogowsky donated $100.00.
  • Ellen Scheuer donated $100.00.
  • Anonymous donated $100.00.