Sacred Heart School's Epic Panther Pride Fundraising Campaign!Join a team below, upload, donate! 3-5 Pouncing Panthers!

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Total Amount Raised: $6,436.00
Winning Team
6-8 Panther Nation!

6-8 Panther Nation!

$2,760.00 raised
2nd Place
K-2 Courageous Cubs!

K-2 Courageous Cubs!

$1,936.00 raised
3rd Place
3-5 Pouncing Panthers!

3-5 Pouncing Panthers!

$1,740.00 raised
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Total Amount Raised $6,436
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3-5 Pouncing Panthers! 3-5 Pouncing Panthers! $0 raised for Sacred Heart School Donate
6-8 Panther Nation! 6-8 Panther Nation! $0 raised for Sacred Heart School Go to Team
K-2 Courageous Cubs! K-2 Courageous Cubs! $0 raised for Sacred Heart School Go to Team

3-5 Pouncing Panthers!

Pouncing Panthers springs into action against competitors in fundraising challenge for Sacred Heart School!

We are called "Pouncing Panthers" for a reason and are poised to jump all over the competition to see which team will raise the most money for our beloved Sacred Heart School! We need funds to update our library and technical infrastructure and keep pace with the rapid changes in education. Select our team and participate with YOUR video or photo showing your Panther Pride, donate on it and share! Let's prove that we've got what it takes to come out on top!

raised $1,740.00
days left 0

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Show everyone YOUR Panther Pride in this fundraising and photo challenge and help the Pouncing Panthers raise the most money!

Time to get creative, funny, get to choose how YOU show Panther Pride! Get a smart and follow the steps below. It's easy, fun and for a good cause: upgrading Sacred Heart School's technology capabilities so that students stay up with other schools! Here we go:

  • make a sign that says #pantherpride and figure out a fun way to include it in your photo or video
  • take a selfie or shoot a short video of how you show "panther pride." Get creative such as: wear a funny outfit, do a make-up session on Dad, draw your panther and hang a flag outside with your panther artwork on it, put your #pantherpride sign on as many places as you can (on your car, at the table in a restaurant, on your dog's head) and create a collage, make it inspiring, colorful...get your family involved and have fun! Make sure your sign is included in the photo or video...
  • upload your photo or video on the team you want to help win the competition to see who can get the most donations!
  • get Mom or Dad to donate what they can afford on the donate button
  • send your photo or video link to aunts, uncles, big brother or sister, Grandma or Papa and ask them to donate on your link (click the gray "copy link" button on your page to share it)
  • get Mom and Dad to send your link to their co-workers to donate
  • ask Mom and Dad to call some of their best friends and request that they help out with a donation as well
  • Subway:  2 $25 gift cards
  • Daylight Donuts:  donuts for the top team of the week
  • Bosa Donuts:  donuts for the top team of the week

ANNOUNCING A WEEKLY RAFFLE PRIZE CONTEST! Here is how this works. In addition to the fun prizes above, donors can qualify to potentially win any of the prizes shown below, generously provided by an anonymous parishioner of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

For every $5 that an upload raises in money, the student will earn one raffle ticket. Donations accumulate, so get as many friends and followers to donate and boost your child's totals. An example = $50 donated to a participant's video/photo will win 10 tickets. At the end of each week, students will be selected, based on the donations on their upload, to draw to win these giftcards!

2 $25 Xbox Gift Cards
1 $20 Best Buy GC
2 $25 Amazon GC
1 $25 Bath and Body Works GC
2 $25 Starbucks GC
1 $25 Red Robin GC
1 $15 DQ GC
$25 Walmart

Take a look at our sponsors and make sure you support them!

3-5 Pouncing Panthers! Challenge Leaderboard

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Recent Donations for the 3-5 Pouncing Panthers! team

  • Maria Juanita Martin donated $25.00.
  • Patty Kaawaloa donated $25.00.
  • Kylie Williams donated $25.00.
  • Ava Neider donated $15.00.
  • Anonymous donated $5.00.
  • Catholic Community Foundation donated $400.00.
  • Dorinda Arvo donated $50.00.
  • Roxy Raboy donated $50.00.
  • Janiece Perez donated $25.00.
  • Anonymous donated $100.00.
  • Kayla Frederic donated $25.00.
  • James Keough donated $100.00.
  • Anonymous donated $5.00.
  • Irene and Rick Everhart donated $25.00.
  • Cassie Fairbairn donated $25.00.
  • Carmen Frederic donated $10.00.
  • Carmen Frederic donated $10.00.
  • Crystal Viglietta donated $25.00.
  • Jill Wagner donated $25.00.
  • Roxy Raboy donated $25.00.
  • Danielle Frederic donated $25.00.
  • Carmen Frederic donated $25.00.
  • Tashia Irvine donated $50.00.
  • Anonymous donated $5.00.
  • Anonymous donated $200.00.
  • Anonymous donated $5.00.
  • Tashia Irvine donated $10.00.
  • Anonymous donated $50.00.
  • Patty Kaawaloa donated $50.00.
  • Janiece Perez donated a private amount.
  • Janiece Perez donated $200.00.
  • Patty Kaawaloa donated $25.00.
  • April Eberhart donated $50.00.
  • Shelly Cooper donated $25.00.