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Sacramento Area Brewers Guild

Craft Beer Community

The Sacramento Area Brewers Guild goes full throttle in the Zen and the Art of Beer fundraising challenge with your help for the craft beer community!

The Sacramento Area Brewers Guild recognizes the need to support thousands of struggling small independent breweries and family businesses throughout California, so they can be there to revive our communities once this long winter is over.  

To help spread the word and raise funds, we’re enlisting you to participate and get your friends, family, and colleagues to join in on the fun! Not only do we need your support, but we would also love to have you take the challenge and share with everyone you know.  

Throughout most of 2020 and for the foreseeable future, craft breweries and partner businesses these breweries sell their products to -- bars, restaurants, bottleshops, etc. -- have been required to cease all on-site consumption, eliminating the main source of revenue craft breweries need to survive.  

As a result, breweries have had to lay off or furlough workers, shift operations and make unanticipated add'l investments to meet new restrictions and cover much higher costs for packaging and selling its products -- all while continuing to shoulder higher operating costs of being a manufacturer without any direct economic relief, and being treated differently from winery manufacturers who were afforded looser restrictions with serving their product to consumers. The restrictions and loss of business have caused breweries to close, and more are expected not to survive.

Funds raised help local communities:

  1. Local and state organizations fighting to keep small, independent, family-owned breweries in business, helping them survive and recover
  2. Local charities and community nonprofits helping struggling food and beverage workers from all small, neighborhood businesses survive and recover1. , specifically: 

           a - California Restaurant Association Foundation

           b- United States Bartender Guild Foundation (California only)

TOGETHER, we can make an impact. This rising tide is lifting all boats. Join us and let’s make waves together!  

It's January. It's been torture getting to 2021... and Beer Week is coming. 

Time to find your Zen, de-compress, de-stress, get fit -- earn that craft beer!

So, show us what "Zen and the Art of Beer" means to you:

Take a picture or video (beer optional)

  • Strike a pose…  Drinking beer, hanging with your lap dog, or doing goat yoga allowed. 
  • Get creative. Expand that beer can art with a doodle overlay of your own.
  • Stay fit. Share your beer-inspired workout. Beer (and ice buckets) optional.

Upload your awesome pic  by clicking on the blue “join the challenge” button on your team’s page.

Donate generously  to the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild to help your team raise the money.

Share on social media  with your preferred hashtags: #cabeerhere, #beerzen, etc. and tag 5 friends who love beer.

Call 5 friends  and ask them to use your personal link to donate (your link is created when you post your photo)!


Bonus: prizes will be awarded randomly for funniest, silliest, most creative, or heartwarming photos so get busy, upload and have fun!

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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: ZEN AND THE ART OF BEER Battle of the Guilds Thanks for helping us top $10k in support of breweries, restaurant & bar workers! Sacramento Area Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $439.00 Raised so far San Diego Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $1,137.00 Raised so far Central Coast Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $746.00 Raised so far Inland Empire Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $2,815.00 Raised so far Orange County Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $1,797.00 Raised so far Los Angeles Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $3,315.00 Raised so far Bay Area Brewers Guild Craft Beer Community $801.00 Raised so far