Mike & Mindi are so excited! by Mindi Boysen

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Mindi Boysen performed this challenge in support of

Team Fit...for golf and life

Saving Amy

Team FIT raises the bar in unique fundraising competition for Saving Amy and wants your help!

Welcome to TEAM FIT! We are supporting Saving Amy as our “charity of choice” because we believe in giving a hand UP, not a hand OUT. These families deserve a chance at having a FITlife...that includes physically FIT, emotionally FIT, spiritually FIT, fiscally FIT, and socially FIT. Our team’s mission: to help all families not only survive, but they thrive! We can help them! It is time to celebrate!

WHO ARE WE? We are Fit For Golf! Fit For Life...After 50! Are you over 50 and in need of feeling fit and fabulous? We feel YOUR BEST YEARS ARE AHEAD OF YOU! We will help you add years to your golfing life and life to your golfing years. Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! has been in business for over 20 years. We specialize in the "ends" of the spectrum. Juniors and Baby Boomers! We feel we come into this world with a blank slate and a need to learn movement patterns and build a foundation for golf and life. With life's pressures weighing us down for approximately 3 decades(20’s, 30’s 40’s), we all develop habits, which become hang-ups, which then become our "norm". After the age of 50, when we can truly reap what we have sown, we find cracks in our foundation and need an update. That is where we come back in to help! Hey, aging is inevitable...decaying is optional.

SO YOU FIND YOURSELF AGING? Perfect! Then it is time to...ACQUIRE...new skills! ACHIEVE...higher goals! ADAPT...your mind/body/spirit! ACCOMPLISH...and conquer life! www.fitforgolfus.com 480.203.6228 6213 East Sienna Bouquet Place Cave Creek AZ 85331

Join our Team Fit November 7th at 6pm for our spectacular live-streaming event supporting our Saving Amy families who have transitioned out of homelessness! We envision a world where all people come together as one community; empowering each other to experience life changing ways of living through inner transformation, compassion and love.

It's the Toss the Confetti Challenge! Grab your smartphone and some confetti, or make confetti at home with scrap paper. Take a video/picture of you and your family tossing the confetti in celebration and support of our amazing Saving Amy families! Make it funny, colorful, or goofy!  If you don't have confetti, don't worry, just join the challenge and celebrate however you can. Here's what to do:
Upload your eye-catching photo/video under Team FIT in the yellow "join the challenge" button.
DONATE generously to Saving Amy and help your team raise the most money! (Remember: This is a fundraiser, so please go for it!)
Share your photo/video with your friends on social media to help grow our community! Tag Saving Amy at @SavingAmyGives and use the hashtags #TossTheConfetti and #ConfettiChallenge. The best photo/video of the week wins a prize!
After you donate, tag 5 friends and ask THEM to donate to your Fund Duel team!
NOTICE: The team that raises the most funds wins a down-home, Texas BBQ for up to 50 people! It will be catered by 'Eet Myy Meat BBQ,' owned and operated by our very own Jebron Haywood, renowned for his savory "eets" and meats!
SAVE THE DATE! Our Virtual Toss the Confetti Challenge goes live on November 7th from 6:00-7:00 PM. Make sure you tune in and join us LIVE!
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This challenge is part of the fundraising competition: Toss Kindness Around Like ConfettiA Virtual Celebration Benefiting Saving AmyHosted By Teresa Strasser Team Golden Heart Wellness Saving Amy $3,197.00 Raised so far Team Virginia Auto Service Saving Amy $4,875.00 Raised so far Anonymous Match $50,000.00 Raised so far Team Scottsdale Moms and North Phoenix Moms Saving Amy $585.00 Raised so far Team MVPRX Saving Amy $3,542.00 Raised so far Team Avril Interiors Saving Amy $6,680.00 Raised so far Team Valley Toyota Dealers Saving Amy $10,200.00 Raised so far Team Fit...for golf and life Saving Amy $5,750.00 Raised so far Team PHX Architecture Saving Amy $960.00 Raised so far Team FAB 5 Saving Amy $19,565.00 Raised so far